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About the programme

The Practitioner Training Programme (PTP) is an undergraduate training scheme that includes work-based and academic learning. Whilst on the programme you will complete an accredited BSc in Healthcare Science. The first year of the programme covers a broad range of scientific training and in the second and third year you will specialise in a field of your choice. 

The five PTP themes are:

  • Cardiovascular, respiratory and sleep sciences (cardiac physiology, respiratory and sleep physiology)
  • Neurosensory sciences (audiology, neurophysiology, ophthalmic and vision science)
  • Life sciences (blood science, infection science, cellular science and genetics science)
  • Medical physics technology (radiotherapy physics, radiation physics, nuclear medicine)
  • Clinical engineering (medical engineering, radiation engineering, renal technology, rehabilitation engineering)

Once you have graduated from the programme you will be a qualified healthcare science practitioner and you will be eligible for professional registration:

As a healthcare science practitioner you will have the necessary expertise in applied scientific techniques within a discipline or related disciplines, to work in a range of healthcare settings. You will have a clearly defined role in the delivery of investigations and interventions for patients and technical reporting of quality assured tests on patients, patient samples and medical equipment. In a number of disciplines healthcare science practitioners provide therapeutic interventions, some of which may be specialist.