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Once OLAT is taken offline (week commencing 29 July 2019) trainees will no longer have any access to their OLAT portfolios. Below, we provide instructions on how to download a PDF transcript of your OLAT portfolio and the files that you have uploaded to your OLAT portfolio. If you have any queries please first read through our FAQs.

An important note about your OLAT username

Your OLAT username will not have changed since you last used it. OLAT uses email addresses as usernames, so if your email address changed after your training programme finished, and you did not keep your OLAT account up-to-date with your current email, you will need to log in using the address you associated with your account during your training.

What IS included in your OLAT PDF transcript?

In OLAT you are able to download a PDF file containing a transcript detailing your activity within OLAT. There are instructions about how to do this at the bottom of this page. Your transcript contains the following information:

Details about the competencies and assessments you submitted and had assessed, including:

  • The dates and outcomes of your competency and workplace-based assessment submissions
  • The evidence you entered in the freetext in your submissions
  • Hyperlinks to any files you uploaded with your submissions
  • The names of your assessors or competency reviewers
  • Any feedback left in the freetext feedback area by assessors

What is NOT included in your OLAT PDF transcript?

  • Any documents attached as evidence
  • Any documents attached as feedback
  • MSF reports
  • Reflective Log entries

How do I download the items not included in the OLAT PDF transcript download?

  • Documents that were attached as evidence or feedback can be downloaded via the links contained in your portfolio PDF. Instructions about how to do this are below.
  • MSF Reports will need to be downloaded individually from the MSF section of your OLAT account. These can then be added to your OneFile document library if you choose.
  • Reflective Log entries can be added to OneFile by copying the text from your OLAT reflection and creating a new reflective log item in OneFile, if you wish to.

How to access and download your OLAT transcript

  1. Log into OLAT and click 'Preferences'.

  2. Click the 'Training' tab.

  3. Click 'Download my Portfolio'.

  4. Ensure all the assessment type boxes are ticked and then click 'Export portfolio as PDF'.

  5. Your portfolio may take upwards of two minutes to prepare (depending on how much you completed on OLAT). Progress is viewed on the ensuing webpage.

  6. After your portfolio is prepared, click the link to download your portfolio. Do not click the export button again as this will simply re-prepare your portfolio.

How to download files which you had uploaded to OLAT

  1. Ensure you are first logged into OLAT.
  2. Open your OLAT portfolio transcript PDF and click the hyperlink for the attachment you wish to access.

  3. Most files will download directly to your default download location; they will not open in a web browser. If a file (for example: JPEG) opens in a web browser, you will need to make sure you then save it to your PC.
  4. It is not necessary for you to upload any of the files that you submitted to OLAT into your OneFile e-portfolio. Should you wish to store these files in OneFile, watch this video about how to upload and store files in OneFile.