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New e-portfolio service rolled out to all STP trainees

Monday, 08 October 2018

We are very pleased to announce that we have now launched the OneFile e-portfolio service to all year 1, 2 and 3 STP trainees. New STP trainees starting this year received their OneFile credentials in September. Current year 2 and 3 trainees have now received their OneFile access details having had their achievement record from OLAT – the previous e-portfolio service – migrated to OneFile.

To achieve the migration of year 2 and 3 trainees into OneFile, the Digital Team at the National School had to export approximately 35,000 records of successful competencies and assessments from OLAT and ensure their ‘safe arrival’ in OneFile.

A programme of webinars introducing OneFile, targeted at trainees and separately at Training Officers, has begun. Further details of about the webinars and recordings of previous webinars can be found on the School website at:

A growing collection of ‘How to’ videos have been produced to support trainees, Training Officers and assessors to get to grips with OneFile. These are available both via YouTube and outside of YouTube. Further details can be found here:

Additionally, we have prepared a series of answers to frequently-asked questions about the migration from OLAT to OneFile. This can be found here:

Stuart Sutherland, Head of the Digital team at the School commented: “The transition from OLAT to OneFile has been a huge project for the School. Every step of the way we have involved trainees and Training Officers in our decision making, doing our very best to ensure that what we do meets their needs as much as possible. This will not stop after the rollout to all STP trainees as we will seek to understand what is and is not working, to improve things and to respond to new needs as they arise. I’m very proud of the efforts of my small team to make this transition happen. Colleagues have worked tirelessly to ensure that the launch happens both on time and successfully.