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New animation launched: Using the e-portfolio in HSST

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

The School has launched a brief animation that seeks to provide trainees and supervisors new to the HSST programme and to OneFile with a 'big picture' view of where the new e-portfolio service – OneFile – fits in to the HSST programme.

The animation presents the workplace side of the HSST programme as a rolling cycle of training planning, of capturing and storing evidence of workplace activity and of submitting that evidence to supervisors and other colleagues for review and feedback.

In this view of the HSST programme, the e-portfolio becomes a repository for the outputs of the ongoing planning – doing – reflecting cycle, a place to store and submit training plans and the evidence generated by the planned workplace activity.

The animation – below – has also been added to the playlist of guidance videos the School has developed for HSST trainees and also to the playlist developed for for HSST supervisors.