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ASP trainees will be subject to the same requirements for final assessment as trainees attending the programme at the same level.

Objective Structured Final Assessment (OSFA) for STP level programmes

  • Trainees will undertake OSFA in the summer of their final year of the programme. Trainees will be automatically invited to appropriate OSFA training session.
  • Trainees will be subject to the same OSFA regulations as STP Trainees; more information can be found on the website
  • Where a trainee wishes to defer OSFA attendance due to circumstances beyond their control, the Training Officer or Employer Sponsor must contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in a timely manner. Please provide details of the anticipated change to OSFA attendance.
  • If a trainee withdraws from the OSFA process after confirming attendance and/or fails to notify the NSHCS of their intention to defer the OSFA prior to booking, no refund will be given and the resit fee will apply to the access another OSFA session.
  • To resist the OSFA, the number of stations required for the ASP programme must be completed and will be charged at the rate of £170 per OSFA station.

ASP STP Completion

Timeline for ASP STP completion