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An ASP programme can be proposed by any employer providing Healthcare Science services. To propose an ASP in a specialty area that has not been approved for ASP, employers must complete and submit the ASP Specialty Proposal Form to the NSHCS.

Guidance for submitting as ASP specialty proposal

Evidence required:

Requirement for an ASP programme

  • Brief description of the service issue that is being addressed.
  • Brief description of the benefits an ASP in this specialty area would bring to the workforce, service provision, trainees and patients.
  • Overview and brief gap analysis of training available in this area demonstrating why an ASP is required.

Overview of the workforce need

  • Overview of the anticipated applicants; has this ASP been proposed to meet the unique training need of one workplace, will the ASP be applicable to multiple workplaces and/or is there a national need for training in this area? Please note; all needs will be considered where appropriate justification is given.
  • Brief description of the process used to determine estimated number of ASP candidates.

Estimate of potential numbers of ASP trainees for Year 1 of the ASP programme

  • Numbers for additional years should be provided where possible.

Please note the ASP Specialty Proposal will be made publically available on the NSHCS website following approval; names and contact details will not be published.

Evidence required for academic provider support

  • Evidence is required from at least one NSHCS accredited University that they have agreed to provide access to the academic teaching for the ASP Programme content for the numbers of trainees estimated for year one in the ASP Specialty Proposal.
  • NSHCS accredited Universities can be found in the Accreditation section of the website.
  • Evidence attached may include a headed email or letter from the University agreeing to deliver the content to ASP trainees.
  • The academic teaching and assessment must follow the approved NSCHS curricula for the ASP programme content. The delivery method for the academic curriculum content is at the University’s discretion; while it is anticipated that ASP trainees will be taught alongside trainees from other NSHCS portfolio programmes other methods of delivery, such as distance learning, may be used.

Evidence required for Professional Body support

  • Evidence of support for the ASP programme in the form of a headed email or letter from the relevant Professional Body can be included where the Professional Body supports the proposal.

Submitting specialty proposals

  • Proposal forms should be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
  • For a programme to be made available for application and enrolment in the following calendar year, applications should be received by 31st December. If no further information is required, the programme may be available for application and programme enrolment in the following calendar year. Please note, this cannot be guaranteed and the timeframe for application will be limited.

Approval Process for specialty proposals

  • Proposals will be reviewed by the NSHCS; the viability of the Proposal will be assessed and the scientific coherence of the proposed programme content reviewed. The NSHCS may request more information to support the Proposal and make recommendations about the content of the programme(s).
  • Once approved, the Specialty Proposal and Programme Specifications will be made available on the NSHCS website to allow other employers to propose ASP programmes within this specialty area or to apply directly to the existing ASP programmes. (Please note, names and contact details will not be published).