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Guidance for creating an ASP Programme as part of an ASP Proposal:

  • Content for the ASP programme can be selected from any single level of the NSHCS portfolio programmes.
  • Modules available for inclusion in an ASP Programme can be selected from the Curriculum Library.
  • A programme aim is required which summarises the purpose and goal of the programme, the anticipated audience, and any relevant professional body support. The information will allow other employers to determine if the ASP programme meets their workforce needs and is suitable for their employees. Please see the Example ASP Programme in the Proposal form for further guidance. (Employer sponsors are responsible for approving the trainee’s enrolment on the programme based on their existing qualifications and experience and may use the Programme aim to guide them. The NSHCS will not enforce or undertake independent checks of any qualifications, experience or pre-requisites suggested in ASP programme aim.)
  • Programme content must be prescribed; there can be no optional modules within an ASP programme. Multiple ASP programmes can be proposed under one Proposal with variations of modules where required, for example, a proposal may include ASP programme 1 including Introductory Rotation Module A and Specialist Module A, and ASP Programme 2 including Introductory Rotation Module A and Specialist Module B.
  • The length of the ASP Programme must be determined; it is recommended no more than 60 credits are completed in one year and that ASP programmes are no more than 120 credits over two years. Trainees who exceed this period of time without prior agreement will be charged an additional fee.
  • For ASP Programmes at STP level, the number of credits and content of the modules is used to guide the number of OSFA stations required for a robust assessment of the ASP Programme. The number of OSFA stations determines the overall cost of the programme, please see the ASP costs table. You will also need to consider the cost of the academic element of the programme, costs can be provided by the University providers.
  • ASP programmes will follow the academic year, for ASP Programmes at STP level, trainees will undertake OSFA in the summer of their final year of the programme.
  • Proposers may wish to consider the potential for an additional award of a postgraduate qualification from the University provider and if so should to take advice from the Academic provider and determine the number of credits accordingly.
  • Modules without work based content cannot be included in an ASP (but can be completed at the University outside the ASP Programme). Modules which cannot be included in the ASP content for STP level are:
  • New programme content must be submitted within a Specialty or Programme Proposal form.
  • Once the ASP Programmes have been approved, an ASP Programme Specification will be generated by NSHCS and made available on the NSHCS website for applications to the programme.