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Patient and public involvement in Curriculum

Why patient and public involvement in Curriculum is so important

Healthcare scientists make a real difference to patients every day. They are involved in 80% of all clinical decisions in the NHS and developing some of the most amazing clinical and technological advancements in patient care. Patients are at the heart of everything healthcare scientists do. To make sure this is represented in our training programme, we will be embedding patient representatives in the review of our curriculum.

How to get involved in the Scientist Training Programme Curriculum Content Review Project

We are forming a Curriculum Review Patient and Public Involvement Group who will work with us throughout the Review Project. Review Group members will work alongside subject experts’ reviewing curriculum content, offering lay guidance and insight from the patient and public viewpoint.

Once a curriculum has been reviewed, we will be asking for feedback on the updated curriculum from all stakeholders. By taking the views of all stakeholders into consideration we can make sure the curriculum meets the needs of the specialty workforce, health service, patients and public. Please keep an eye on our news feed if you’d like to contribute or complete our short survey to express an interest in joining the review.

Following on from the Curriculum Content Review project, we will be introducing processes to make sure the curriculum is always up to date and at the forefront of the specialty practice. We will ensure the patient and public viewpoint is embedded in these processes as we develop them.