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The National School of Healthcare Science is responsible for curricula for the Practitioner and Scientist Training Programme (PTP and STP) and Higher Specialist Scientist Training (HSST) programme. Curricula focus on practical learning in the workplace and academic learning at University, providing a career pathway for Healthcare Scientists.

Healthcare Scientists work at the highest level in healthcare, developing some of the most amazing clinical and technological advancements in patient care. Their work contributes to the highest levels of human knowledge and skills used to save lives and improve health, ensuring the NHS can deliver its constitutional commitment to ‘work at the limits of science’. Our curricula need to ensure our trainees can meet this commitment, that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to engage at the forefront of their specialty and that they can drive innovation in patient care forward.

Our aim is to provide scientifically robust, future proofed curricula managed through a process of systematic review to continuously enhance the quality of learning.

Our vision is to train Healthcare Scientists who can meet the challenges of today’s health service and embrace the technologies of tomorrow.

We’ll be developing and introducing a curricula review process to meet this aim, initially focusing on STP from mid-2019 onward. Keep an eye on our dedicated news channel to keep up to date with our progress.

The Curriculum Library hosts STP and HSST curricula, alongside introductions to our PTP, STP and HSST curriculum.