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Questions for trainees about OSFA results and feedback

My friends/colleagues have all received their OSFA results but I have not. Please can you tell me when I will receive mine?

Please see the OSFA key dates page for the results release date. Your results will be emailed to your preferred email address that you have registered with the School. You can also check our live Twitter feed throughout results day to find out when each specialism will be emailed their results.

We advise that you check your junk/spam folder first. If you still cannot find the email with your results, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your details and we will forward the results to you again.

I have received my results which show that I have passed the OSFA overall but that I have failed some of the stations. Please may I have some feedback on these stations so I can understand the areas I need to improve?

Congratulations on passing your OSFA! You have demonstrated that you have met the standard set by the OSFA. However, we are not able to provide you with any further feedback. You may wish to use the station level outcomes to inform your future practice i.e. for a failed station, you should be mindful to pay careful attention when carrying out practice pertaining to that station, taking steps to improve your knowledge, skills and behaviours and seeking feedback and assurances from your future line manager until you are both confident of your autonomous practice.

I have failed my OSFA. What do I do now?

Please refer to the second page of your results transcript – this provides guidance on your next steps.

I have failed my OSFA and would like to check/appeal the outcome of some of the stations which I was sure I had passed. Please can you check?

We would like to refer you to carefully read the  OSFA Complaints and Appeals Policy 2017 and the OSFA Examination Board Terms of Reference. Please note that appeals are only within scope of the appeals policy if you have evidence of irregularity in the conduct or decision making process of the panel; appeals against the academic judgement of the assessor/s or the examination board will not be upheld.

None of the FAQs cover my query. What do I do?

Please email the School with your question, giving as much detail as possible. Unless your query is of a personal nature, all queries will be collated and a response will be sent via email to all trainees or added to these FAQs.