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Questions for trainees about OSFA results and feedback

My friends and colleagues have all received their mock OSFA results and feedback but I have not. Please can you tell me when I will receive mine?

Please see the details of the process for disseminating the OSFA results on the OSFA key dates page. We advise that you check your junk/spam folder first, then check with your training officer. If you still cannot find the email with your results, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your details and we will forward the results to you again. Please note that your results do not go directly to your training officer. Therefore, the School recommends that you share and discuss your results with them so that you are able to reflect on your experience and outcomes together and review your learning plan as appropriate.

I have failed on the 'Scientific Practice' (or other) domain on two of my mock OSFA stations. Could I have more information on this domain to help me improve in this area of work?

The domains against which you are assessed are those derived from the 5 indicators of Good Scientific Practice published by the Academy for Healthcare Science:Professional Practice, Scientific Practice, Clinical Practice, Research and Development and Innovation, Clinical Leadership.

This document sets out the principles, values and standards of behaviour and practice for healthcare scientists and can be found on the Academy’s website.

The domains and how they are used in a station marking scheme are further described in detail in the ‘Preparing for the OSFAs - Guidance for trainees’. 

Please review the guidance given in this document including the descriptions against the domains together with your feedback and discuss with your Training Officer to help you identify and address particular skills needs.

I have received my mock OSFA results and feedback and would like further details about my performance. Can I contact the assessor?

Trainees receive all available feedback for their mock OSFA and no further feedback is available. Please discuss your results with your training officer to help you identify and address any learning or training needs.

I have received some comments about my performance on one of the mock OSFA stations. I don’t understand the comment on one of the domains and cannot recall the details of the task. Can I have a copy of the station so I can try to understand the comment?

We understand this can be frustrating, however, station details are not released after the event in order to maintain their security for future use. Please review the domain/s in question with your training officer to help you identify and address particular skills needs.