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Themed boards

The School functions through a series of themed boards that provide expert advice and support for the specialist areas of training across healthcare science; their terms of reference and membership is available.

All of the themed boards have a key role in reviewing trainee progress in both the academic and workplace elements. Trainee progression is monitored closely by the board members and support has been offered to departments and trainees who do not appear to be making progress as expected. Themed board members also provide helpful and relevant practical advice to those who have required it.

Each division will have two STP Trainee representatives. Elections will take place annually during May.

Trainee representative job specification

  • You should be able to regularly attend events to support training e.g., Trainee Representative Group meeting, Themed Boards, STP inductions.
  • You should have excellent written and verbal communication skills in order to:
    • engage and communicate with a range of stakeholders
    • give presentations or reports
  • You must be able to work with other trainees ensuring they are representing their specialism and reporting information back.
  • You should behave and communicate in a professional and appropriate manner when working with other stakeholders and when representing The School at events.

If you would be interested in holding one of the two positions available, please send NSHCS an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The email should include a short (less than 300 words) expression of interest describing your interest and suitability for the role, as well as your specialism, and current year of study. The School will also require a statement from your employer confirming that they are happy to give you support if successfully elected.

The deadline for this is 5pm, Tuesday 30 April 2019. NSHCS will then anonymise these expressions and ask fellow STP trainees in each division to vote for their preferred choice.