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School functions

The School functions through a series of themed boards and has governance through the HEE structures.

The themed boards provide a key forum where all stakeholders contribute to the implementation of the new training programmes.

The three themed boards are:

  • Physical Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Physiological Sciences

The remit of the themed boards are to:

  • Provide a forum for all stakeholders to ensure a collaborative and cohesive approach to training
  • Support implementation of the programmes
  • Review progression of trainees
  • Ensure quality and standards of the training are maintained across the specialisms.

Themed board membership includes a wide spectrum of key stakeholders relevant to each individual division. Trainees are also represented on the themed boards and periodically contact their fellow trainees to get their input on different topics about the training programme.

More information regarding the roles of themed board members is available in the Themed Board Terms of Reference.