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About us

As part of the Modernising Scientific Careers (MSC) programme, the National School of Healthcare Science (the School) was established in October 2011 to support the implementation and delivery of the new healthcare science education and training programmes and to comply with the structures within 'Liberating the NHS: Developing Healthcare Workforce - Policy 16977 (January 2012)' acting on behalf of the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) for England. It also provides some elements of support for the three other UK health departments.

The aim of the new educational programmes is to train staff that will be able to work at the highest level in healthcare, understanding and advising on the most recent advances in technology and innovations in patient care, and to have the flexibility and adaptability to work across patient pathways enabling efficient and high quality care.

The School is hosted by Health Education England (HEE) West Midlands. We safeguard the delivery of quality education and training for healthcare science nationally and liaise with all relevant organisations to ensure smooth transition, continued accountability and governance is maintained within the new national educational architecture.

We have established partnerships with Professional Bodies, Royal Colleges, Universities, national and regional education and commissioning leads, as well as NHS establishments delivering the new blended educational programmes.

We will continue to support the implementation of the programmes while at the same time planning evidence based evaluation of the different aspects of the training programmes and the impact on employers and the NHS as trainees exit the programmes and contribute to patient care.

Healthcare Science Implementation Network Group

On 1st April 2013, the School became part of Health Education England (HEE) and is hosted within the West Midlands.

As a result a new board was formed that replaced all other MSC related boards and groups including the School Board. The Healthcare Science Implementation Network Group (HCSING) met for the first time in September 2013. It will act through HEE's delegated executive authority with respect to education, training and workforce arrangements for healthcare science.

The HCSING is co-chaired by Professor Sue Hill, Chief Scientific Officer for England and Professor Elizabeth Hughes, Consultant Chemical Pathologist and Director/Dean of Education and Quality for Health Education England (HEE). Membership of the board consists of a number of key stakeholders with specialist knowledge and experience in education and training.